Meet Client Hub: The magical alternative to TaxDome

Unlike TaxDome, Client Hub has magical capabilities that help firms that do client accounting and advisory services serve more clients in less time

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Magical Differences

Client Hub is a game-changer over traditional practice management solutions like Tax Dome

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    Serve More Clients in Less Time
    Both platforms will get your firm's work organized, But only Client Hub's deep QBO integration actually helps get work done (not just track the work)
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    Our Amazing - Magical - Client Experience
    No One has invested more in the Client Experience. It's beautiful and branded from your firm. It's simple and delightful for your clients. And it's available through a mobile app.
  • 100% no code
    AI Superpowers that Transform Your Firm
    Stop spending all day in your email box. Client Hub AI summarizes email threads and drafts email replies. And that's just one of many amazing AI-based features

Key Reasons why firms choose Client Hub over TaxDome

  • 4 staff jobs dashboard
  • 2 staff qb integration
  • 2 staff conversations

Are you a firm that is right for Client Hub over TaxDome?

  • You add value from advisory services

    TaxDome is great for tax compliance work. It's right in their name. Client Hub's unique capabilities like our QuickBooks integration are right for your advisory firm

  • You value a modern, simple experience

    TaxDome believes their differentiation is by adding the most features. Client Hub values the right features without the overhead and learning curve on things that you won't use

  • Your firm takes ideas from industry thought leaders

    Only Client Hub has been recognized with awards by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor

Hear how Client Hub has worked for firms like yours 

Client Hub versus TaxDome: More Common Questions

Get a demo today and see how Client Hub can take your firm to the next level

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