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Meet Client Hub

First of all, we'd like to credit the Liscio team. They've built a useful client collaboration solution for accountng firms. 

Like Liscio, Client Hub is built for client collaboration. 

But Client Hub goes far beyond that. Client Hub also solves for internal workflow management, so you have everything you need to run your firm in a single platform!

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How Client Hub serves firms better than Liscio

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    Easily track all the work you're doing for clients

    With Liscio, you'll need a whole different app to manage your work and deadliens. 

    Client Hub has powerful job management features (includes templates, dashboard, tagging and more) to manage workflow and deadllines right in the same platform as client collaboration

    4 staff jobs dashboard
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    Easily resolve uncategorized QuickBooks transactions

    Liscio does not offer any QuickBooks integration.  

    Client Hub has an amazing QuickBooks integration that automatically sends QuickBooks transactions as Client Tasks to help you resolve any questions easily

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    Standardize processes, so that anyone can pick up the work.

    Liscio doesn't offer an easy way to capture standard operating procedures. 

    Client Hub offers easy ways to capture task details, so that anyone can pick up work. And it makes it simple to train new staff. 

    1 staff task checklist
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    You can even manage files in folders

    Liscio has a tagging metaphor for organizing files and folders. It can be seen as confusing for firms and clients. 

    Client Hub has a powerful File Manager where you manage files in a natural folder metaphor

    3 staff recent files

Are you a firm that is right for Client Hub over Liscio?

  • You prefer an all-in-one solution

    Liscio is a client portal, but you will need to add a separate solution to track internal work

  • You need client answers about transactions

    Only Client Hub offers QuickBooks and Xero integrations to resolve uncategorized transactions

  • Your firm takes ideas from industry thought leaders

    Only Client Hub has been recognized with awards by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor

Hear how Client Hub has worked for firms like yours 

Client Hub versus Liscio: More Common Questions

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