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First of all, we'd like to credit the Keeper team. They've built a very good solution for bookkeeping firms with strengths in detailed transaction reviews and report sharing.

Client Hub is another powerful solution for bookkeeping firms, Client Hub is a unique combination of a rich client portal experience, along with internal workflow management and email management capabilities.

When you adopt Client Hub, you consolidate client communication and get an all-in-one solution

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How Client Hub serves firms better than Keeper

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    Easily track all the work in our visual Jobs Dashboard

    Keeper is optimized for inspecting for bookkeeping errors and publishing reports from QuickBooks online.  

    Client Hub has a flexible jobs model with a visual jobs dashboard to help you easily track deadlines. Filter your work by client or by our flexible tags model to categorize work of all types.

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    Stop getting bogged down with client emails, texts, messages etc.

    Client cannot start conversation messages with your team in Keeper. Those will remain in email.  

    Client Hub is founded on secure, real-time client communication built into the platform. It also has email integration built-in.

    All client communication is in one place, available to everyone in your team

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    Get faster answers from clients with a modern, engaging mobile app

    Keeper does not offer a mobile app.  

    Client Hub makes your client experience stand out and helps your team get faster answers from clients via our modern mobile app

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    You can even manage and share files

    Keeper does not offer folder and file management, which is key to a complete client portal experience 

    Client Hub has a powerful File Manager where you can share files with clients and even maintain files related to that client that are internal to your firm

    3 staff recent files

Are you a firm that is right for Client Hub over Keeper.app?

  • You prefer an all-in-one solution

    Only Client Hub offers consolidated client communication, client tasks, file sharing and more in a single platform

  • You value a modern client experience

    Keeper.app Client Hub values making your firm stand out with an amazing client experience includes our delightful mobile app

  • Your firm takes ideas from industry thought leaders

    Only Client Hub has been recognized with awards by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor

Hear how Client Hub has worked for firms like yours 

Client Hub versus Keeper.app: More Common Questions

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