Client Hub vs Karbon: What is right for your firm

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Client Hub

For your clients: A complete modern client portal and mobile app.
For your team: Manage workflow, client communication, track time, and more.
For you: Full visibility to everything in the firm. 



Visibility, efficiency, and connectivity for your accounting firm no matter where your people are located.

Karbon is probably best known for it's email-centric "triage" approach to managing your work.

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Unlike Karbon, Client Hub has a rich client portal alongside the workflow system -- a unique "boundary-less" platform for amazing collaboration and efficiency

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    Beautiful Client Experience

    A modern web experience and mobile app for your clients to work with your firm  

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    Simple yet Powerful Firm Experience

    Easily manage workflow, client communication, track time, and much more

What matters most ...
Choose Client Hub if these matter most to you

If these factors resonate most with you, then the clear choice is Client Hub


Getting Client Answers QuicklyAll Work Gets Unblocked

Client Tasks in Client Hub are amazingly easy for clients to answer. 

And only Client Hub offers a mobile app for them to reply right away. 


Deep QuickBooks and Xero IntegrationsUnmatched Efficiency

Only Client Hub has direct integrations to QuickBooks and Xero to quickly resolve uncategorized transactions with clients. 

These are huge time savers in bookkeeping, client accounting services and advisory work 


Amazingly Simple, Modern ExperienceLoved by teams and clients

On Client Hub, your clients see your firm as a modern firm with a modern client experience  

And your team finds Client Hub refreshingly easy to use, not "overwhelming" like some describe Karbon 


Both Client Hub and Karbon are very feature rich

  • Managing Work and Deadlines

    Client Hub has a complete work management system with one-time and recurring jobs. Our work dashboard is highly customizable with both Kanban (card table) view and List view

    Karbon also has a comprehensive work management system with good dashboards

  • Standardize Processes

    Client Hub is a great way to document your firm's processes, as each job can be broken down to steps and detailed instructions for each step can be captured for anyone to pick up.

    Karbon also can help you document processes for anyone in the firm

  • Document Management

    Client Hub has a full set of file management features with folders that are shared with clients, as well as folders for internal files

    Karbon also has a strong set of document management capabilities 

  • key difference

    Mobile App

    Client Hub has a modern mobile app that clients and firm staff can use for real-time collaboration. And clients can use the app to easily scan and upload documents to you

    Karbon doesn't offer a client-facing mobile app, just a firm mobile app 

  • key difference

    QuickBooks and Xero Integration

    Client Hub offers a deep integration with both QuickBooks and Xero. If you do bookkeeping or client advisory work, then these integrations will help you save lots of time 

    Karbon does not offer any such integrations 

  • Time Tracking

    Client Hub can track time on jobs, has a time tracking dashboard and can export to CSV for billing .

    Karbon also tracks time. It does have some additional capabilities around time budgets and calculating effective rates.  

  • Client Management

    Client Hub has a very flexible data model including custom fields to store all kinds of client and contact information. Clients can also be tagged, grouping them in flexible ways 

    Karbon also has a strong model for modeling clients and organizations.

  • Getting Client Answers

    Client Hub has the most advanced Client Tasks module among all practice management solutions, including enabling clients to answer these via the mobile app. Clients can even scan documents via the app to answer client tasks. 

    Karbon also offers client requests, but is a more limited set of features in terms of getting answers from clients. 

  • Key difference

    Real-time Client Collaboration

    Client Hub has a text-like messaging feature, which is also accessible from our mobile app -- supporting amazing real-time collaboration

    Karbon client communication is only through email, which can be cluttered and rarely responded to right away

  • key difference

    Capacity Management

    Client Hub doesn't have a formal capacity planning report, but the jobs dashboard shows visibility to upcoming work by team member to help optimize workloads

    Karbon has that and a bit more depth with budgeting hours by job and also mapping hours by each staff person 

  • Email integration

    Client Hub has a robust email integration that includes AI-based features such as automatically summarizing threads and composing email replies¬† 

    Karbon also has integration to email accounts and supports triaging emails and organizing emails into jobs. 

  • GPT-Based Features

     Client Hub has many AI-based features, including "Magic Workflow" which generates a workflow checklist -- and task details for any job that you need to do. Also, our email capabilities have several AI-based features.¬† 

    Karbon has added AI-based email replies and is investing in AI-based features as well 

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