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First of all, we'd like to credit the Jetpack Workflow team for building a robust solution to track the work in your firm.

But it now feels dated. 

Unlike Jetpack Workflow, Client Hub is a modern solution featuring Client Collaboration. And, it includes things like mobile apps that make your clients and firm users feel like you're working in a much more delightful platform.

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Key Reasons why firms choose Client Hub over Jetpack Workflow

  • 2 staff qb integration
  • 2 staff conversations
  • 4 staff jobs dashboard

Are you a firm that is right for Client Hub over Jetpack Workflow?

  • You add value from advisory services

    Jetpack Workflow is great for keeping track of compliance work. Client Hub's unique capabilities like our QuickBooks integration are right for your advisory firm

  • You value a modern, simple experience

    Jetpack Workflow feels very dated and most users feel that it has too many clicks to get things done. Client Hub is lightweight, modern, delightful

  • Your firm is not looking to build a "tech stack"

    With Jetpack Workflow, you need other tools for file-sharing and client collaboration. Now you have to train staff and run work through multiple systems. Client Hub is all-in-one.

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Client Hub versus Jetpack Workflow: More Common Questions

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