Looking for alternatives to Financial Cents? Meet Client Hub

First of all, we'd like to credit the team at Financial Cents for bringing to market a solution for running a cloud accounting firm.  

Financial Cents is a good solution to track the work in your firm, but it lacks great client collaboration, so your work can often get stuck "waiting for client answers". 

On the other hand, Client Hub is a modern solution featuring amazing Client Collaboration. And, it includes things like mobile apps that make your clients and firm users feel like you're working in a much more delightful platform.

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Key Reasons why firms choose Client Hub over Financial Cents

  • 2 staff conversations
  • 2 staff qb integration
  • 4 staff jobs dashboard

Are you a firm that is right for Client Hub over Financial Cents?

  • You add value from advisory services

    Financial Cents is great for keeping track of compliance work. Client Hub's unique capabilities like our QuickBooks integration are right for your advisory firm

  • You value a modern, simple experience

    Client Hub is lightweight, modern, delightful and features a native mobile app that can be used by your firm and your clients

  • Your go with the one that has industry recognition

    Only Client Hub has been recognized with awards by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor

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Client Hub versus Financial Cents: More Common Questions

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